Southern Soiree Farm Wedding | Mary Logan + Marshall

Oh boy, we've got a good one today for ya! I love the romantic and elegant details of this southern formal wedding. Marshall and Mary Logan were married in October of last year and invited "just a few" (kidding - we had a crowd!) of their closest friends and loved ones. Just by looking at these stunning wedding images by Ashlyn Cathey Photography, you'd never guess that the bottom fell out of the clouds about 30 minutes before ceremony time (just as 300+ guests were arriving in their finest threads) for an outdoor ceremony. I'll admit that the rain definitely changed our dynamics for transporting guests to the ceremony site. We worked to reroute guests to two covered areas to wait out the rain, then kindly ask for cooperation in everyone moving swiftly to the ceremony site within 5 minutes of "go" time. The guests were so agreeable and made it easy on us as we coordinated getting the wedding party down to the ceremony at our Pecan Tree for a beautiful and perfect wedding service.

The reception was planned and executed down to the finest details! The head table featured brass candlesticks and beautiful blush pink china. From a sangria station to late night snacks from Nu-way, the menu was filled with unique offerings and tasty treats! The 7-layer cake was a showstopper in the front entry of the barn, and the dance floor was overflowing with guests all night long! This party was one for the books, and we were so honored to be a small part of the special night for this sweet couple.

Marshall+MaryLogan (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bridal Details (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bridal Perfume (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bridesmaids in robes (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Bride getting dressed (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

First Look Bridesmaids (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

First Look Bridesmaids (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Bridal Portrait (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Bride and Flower Girl (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Groom Portrait (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Groomsmen Prepping (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Groomsmen (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Groomsmen Candid (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
First Look (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
First Look Reaction (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bride and Groom (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bride and Groom Portrait (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bride and Groom (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Pecan Tree Ceremony (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Ceremony Cross (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Ceremony Harpist (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Wedding Guests (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

How do you entice two precious little tots in tutu dresses down the ceremony aisle?? The secret is in picture 2!

Flower Girls (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Flower Girl Treats (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Flower Girl Entrance (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Brides Entrance (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bride Entrance (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bride and Dad (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Ceremony (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Exchange of Rings (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
First Kiss (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Recessional (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Wedding Party (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bride and Groom (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Kids Table (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Private Dinner for Couple (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Private Newlywed Dinner (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Antique Green Truck (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Head Table (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
HeadTable Design (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Centerpiece (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Passed Hors d'oeuvres (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Wedding Cake (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
First Introduction (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
First Dance (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Blessing (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Father Daughter Dance (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Cake Cutting (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
A2Z Band (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Bouquet Toss (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Dancing (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Dancing (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto
Sparkler Exit (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto

Couple Portrait (c) AshlynCatheyPhoto


Venue: Twin Oaks Farm Weddings | Coordination: Twin Oaks Farm Weddings | Photography: Ashlyn Cathey Photo | Videography: Square City Productions | Catering: Vintage Reverie, Michelle Allen | Cake: Pat Coody | Florals: Gayle Ayers | Band: A2Z Band | Ceremony Music: Bevlynn Rhoades | Hair: Lacey Southern | Makeup: Denise Wilding | Officiant: Matt Walls |

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