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We are feeling the holiday spirit around here! And with the holidays comes gift giving!! Yay! Who doesn't love gifts?! For those of you amidst wedding planning (oh hey bride!), now may be the perfect time to select gifts for your wedding party.

We all know there are really popular bridesmaids gifts that we've seen over and over (and over) in the Pinterest world. But let's be honest, anyone appreciates a unique gift. Also, if your bridesmaids are in the middle of a real-life 27 Dresses bridesmaid stint, they will probably be grateful if you "spice up" the gift giving a little for your wedding. (Don't get me wrong--we all love a good floral robe but don't really need a different one for every day of the week!) So how do you reinvent the wheel? And how do you do so without totally stressing out?! The struggle is real! But we're here to help!

We often see themes when it comes to wedding party gifts: matching attire, jewelry, personalized items, MONOGRAMS! While these themes will still ring true in our gift guide, we hope to supply you with some unique and modern options on the standard gift selections. Some of these items are a few of our favorite things and others are just modern versions of the ever popular wedding party gifts. Thus, we bring to you:

TOF's Super-Chic Bridesmaid Gift Guide!!

**cue to holiday music! Here we go!**


For your awesome bridesmaids:

1. Piyama Pyjama Set

Okay yes, we all love a matching attire photo of you and all your gal pals on your wedding day. If you are looking for a fresh spin on matching robes or oversized shirts, we are OBSESSED with Piyama pyjama sets. You and your bridesmaids will look so adorbs on your wedding day, and they will definitely use this cozy pj set far beyond the wedding day. They have a precious white set for the bride too! The patterns are so feminine and fresh! These stylish PJ sets are the perfect way of showing your bridesmaids you are thankful for them.

TOF Gift Guide_Piyama Pyjamas

via Piyama

TOF Gift Guide_PiyamaPyjamas

via Piyama

2. Monogrammed Plaid Blanket Scarf

If you are a winter bride, this one is for you! Bundle up your favorite girls with these sophisticated blanket scarfs by Mark & Graham. These muted colors and patterns will blend with any bridesmaid dress if your ladies need some shoulder coverage on the wedding night. Then, they are versatile enough to throw on with any outfit for daytime shopping or date nights in the future! Don't forget the personalized touch of adding each lady's monogram to her scarf! Your girls are sure to love these, and did we mention they are super stylish?!

via Mark & Graham

3. Nicola Bathie Designs Earrings

If you are a bride that loves a consistent look for your bridesmaids and want to gift their jewelry for the wedding day, you MUST check out Nicola Bathie Jewelry earrings. These are one of our absolute favorite wardrobe options for a super-stylish, classy, and preppy set of gal pals. Want to know the coolest part? The Nicola Bathie team will work with you to create a CUSTOM DESIGNED set of jewels for your bridesmaids!! So you can be the designer AND giver of a one-of-a-kind gift! Obviously, I love a matching set for everyone. But you could add some fun to the look by selecting unique earrings to match each of their personalities! The mother of pearl+tutu earrings are my favorite! We think your besties will definitely be thanking you for these BEAUTIFUL earrings that they can wear for eva!

TOF Gift Guide_Nicola Bathie Earrings3
TOF Gift Guide_Nicola Bathie Earrings2
TOF Gift Guide_Nicola Bathie Earrings


4. Makeup Brush Set

A Makeup Brush Set is a practical and great gift to show your bridesmaids just how much you care about them. This is something they will use everyday and let's be real, who doesn't love a GREAT beauty productl! I know personally, I probably use my makeup goods way longer than I should, so your bridesmaids will love a nice shiny new set of tools! I love the brush duo sets by A Design or this fabo full face luxe set by Laura Mercier.

makeup brush set_TOF Gift Guide


5. Birthstone Gold Bracelet

If you are looking for a simple, matching jewelry look for your bridesmaids, but also want to give a personalized gift, the Stella Valle Birthstone Bracelet from Mark & Graham is just perfect to make every gal pal feel extra special. I love the weight of these little gold bands. And the sweet little birthstone on the end is just perfect to make each one unique. These bracelets will look simple, understated yet trendy on the bridesmaids' arms on your wedding day.

TOF Gift Guide_Mark&GrahamBracelet

via Mark & Graham


Don't worry, bride. We didn't forget about you. Of course you deserve something fancy too. We are loving the beautiful intimates line by Girl and a Serious Dream. Treat yourself to a breathtaking french lace robe to get ready in on your wedding day. (Maybe you can snag some honeymoon wardrobe pieces too from their lingerie line!) This may feel like an splurge, but hey-- It's your big day! And you deserve the best and finest things!

TOF Gift Guide_GirlandASeriousDreamrobe
TOF Gift Guide_GirlandASeriousDream

Via Girl And A Serious Dream

We hope this was super helpful for all your wedding party gift giving needs! Don't forget that the greatest gift of all is love. Show your wedding party just how much they mean to you with your love. After all, isn't that what a wedding is all about? The gifts are just the cherries on top!

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