5 Must-Know Packing Tips for Your Wedding Day

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Don't we all want to be Natalie--giddy and happy to get into our wedding gown and see our handsome groom?! This is a moment to look forward to, yet can seem like ages away from the moment you arrive at the venue with a mile long list of things to unpack and setup. Since most brides check into our venue the day before their wedding, a majority of brides tell me an early morning hour that they "plan" to arrive. Then, inevitably for a number of reasons, they end up arriving [a bit stressed and worn-out] a few hours later than the proposed time. I know why this is. And I can predict it 8 times out of 10.

Across the board, I find that brides underestimate how much goes into packing everything for the wedding, getting to the venue, and unloading at the venue in order to pass off responsibilities to your coordinator. This doesn’t even include setup because honestly, that’s why you’ve just GOT to have a coordinator or planner--to lighten your load. 💪🏻

There are ways to keep your sanity and get you to your “happy face, holding your wedding gown moment” a lot quicker. So here’s a #tuesdaytipsandtricks for you. Brides, listen up- it’s called ORGANIZED PACKING! (Say what?? That doesn't sound so revolutionary!) Well that's because it's not. It's actually pretty easy if you put the time in before your wedding weekend comes. Trust me on this one--coordinators, decorators, and photographers alike will give you kisses of appreciation on this one. 😘

Here are 5 must-know tips on organized packing for your wedding day:

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  • Pack items together by location, not by likeness. Example- if you have framed photos for various reception locations, go ahead and pack the ones that go on the cake table with your cake knife. And pack the ones that go on the welcome table with your programs. Don’t just put all the photos in one box and expect someone to read your mind as to which ones goes where.

  • Go ahead and separate reception items from ceremony items. This will make it much easier for your coordinator to get the right things to the right location and assure that something doesn't get forgotten.

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  • Have a guest book? Pack everything that is needed for that with the guest book. Pens or markers should be in the same box...not in a Hobby Lobby bag under your backseat behind 3 empty water bottles for your coordinator to go find. 🤦🏼‍♀️


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  • Have all of your special details packed together and set aside for the photographer to shoot upon arrival. That way, you can continue getting ready and they don’t have to ask you for things. This may include: a clean invitation, a guest favor bag, both rings, your shoes, your jewelry, your veil, your gifts/letters to each other, and any other heirlooms that you want documented.

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  • Pre-write checks and put in labeled envelopes any remaining payments that are to be paid to vendors on wedding day. This will make for an easy pass off to your coordinator for her to distribute for you.

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  • [BONUS] If you really want to be a rockstar bride, label all of your boxes or bags for the contents included (i.e., welcome table, cake table, ceremony items, bar supplies, etc.). It doesn't have to be fancy. You can write on the bags with a sharpie, throw a masking tape label on there, or use mailing labels. Anything will be super helpful when your coordinator or your wedding "tribe" start setting up to bring your wedding designs to life.

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These are a few simple yet valuable preparations to make getting to your wedding day an easy process. Sure, it may take a little more time the week of your wedding (or a few weeks before your wedding), but it will be totally worth it to free up those moments of your rehearsal day and wedding day. Say YES to simple, organized, and stress-free bridal enjoyment. 🙋🏼‍♀️👏🏻👏🏻

I know some of you guys have already been through this process, so I’d love to hear from you! Can you think of other things that really helped your day run smoothly or preparations leading up to the day easier? Comment below if you have other practical planning and packing tips for the wedding day!

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