Post-Wedding Interview with DIY Bride | Kinsley Smith | Fall Wedding

Today we've got an interview with one of our beautiful TOF brides, Kinsley--who is sharing her experience as a bride. She's sharing insight on the planning process and her wedding experience.

Kinsley Bridal_(c)AshahPhotography

Kinsley had a gorgeous Fall wedding almost one year ago! Time flies, right?! Kinsley was a very hands-on bride in the planning process. She came from a job in the floral industry and already had incredible visions for her perfect day by the time she booked us as her venue! She and her mom were a very dynamic DIY-duo! They worked so hard to bring Kinsley's wedding dreams to life at our venue--and we think they executed across the board! I hope you enjoy hearing from Kinsley and these gorgeous pictures from her wedding by Ashah Photography.

Okay y'all, I got started putting this post together for you and there are just too many insanely beautiful pictures from their wedding! Like stunning pictures! So, here's just a smidgen, and I'll do a full wedding recap for you next week!

Tell us about the proposal.

K:: Cameron proposed under a massive live oak right next to the coast in St Simons Island. He organized for our family and close friends to surprise me following the proposal at our favorite local restaurant- Palmer’s Cafe. It felt like such a dream because I wasn’t expecting it at all. It was the perfect day!

First Look_(c)AshahPhotography

You’re a very creative person and were very hands-on in designing your wedding…..tell me what and where you drew inspiration from for your wedding concepts and designs.

K:: A lot of ideas were inspired by the rustic, woodland, yet very elegant decor that’s trending right now. Nevertheless, I aimed to keep a lot of things very traditional and timeless. I wanted to include unique items for decor such as the painting I did of our engagement photo by Ashah. Amazingly, everything came together nicely. Twin Oaks Farm was the perfect setting for our wedding and the elegant/rustic look we were going for.

Reception Grand Barn_(c)AshahPhotography
Ceremony Altar_(c)AshahPhotography

What did you find to be the most challenging (or least enjoyable) part of the wedding planning process?

K:: Trying to figure how many guests we could invite based on our budget. Then deciding on how many tables we would need to use based on the number. You have to do a lot of math when planning a wedding. And I’m not good at math.

Dessert Buffet_(c)AshahPhotography

Any advice you can give to our brides to make that part of the process easier for them?

K:: First- set a budget! Find the caterer you want to use and get a confirmed price he/she charges per person. It’s important to find your food vendor very early in the ballgame- way before “save the dates” go out! You do not want to send save the dates out and later find out you can’t fit them into your budget and not send them a formal invitation!


Do you have a favorite detail from all the designs that you incorporated for your wedding?

K:: The unity paint mixing my husband and I did during the ceremony. We have the canvas displayed in our home. It’s special to both of us.


Can we have an honest moment?! Is there anything that didn’t turn out like you wanted it to?

K:: Yes! My hair did not respond well to the humidity, and my dress was a little too small. I planned to lose weight and didn’t. My dress ripped a little in the back but for the most part we were able to hide it. Still embarrassing!


You guys rented our venue for the full weekend package and got to stay on the property with your wedding party and families. What was your reasoning for choosing our Premier Weekend Package?

K:: Our families are from out of town so it made traveling easier for us. We were really able to enjoy our time together and not have to worry about where we would house everyone. It was kind of like a “weekend get away” for our family and close friends.


What was your favorite part of hosting your wedding at Twin Oaks Farm Weddings?

K:: The spectacular barn where we had our reception and the amazing pecan tree where we got married. Also, the videography by Small Town Videos. Highly recommend them.


Thank you so much for sharing with us today! So now that you are a married woman, tell us about married life! What you are up to?! Any fun home projects? Jobs? Travel?

K:: Yes! We recently move to Madison and are both working in the Lake Oconee area. Cameron is building homes with his family business, Smith Built and I am a floral designer at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee. This August we are planning a trip to see the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees and in September we plan to see the red wood forest in California.


Kinsley is also a very talented artist and has a side business for portraits and abstracts. Here are a few of her favorites! If you'd like to contact her, you can check her out on Facebook as Kinsley Mason Smith.

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