Formal Farm Wedding for the Classic Southern Bride | Sara Kathryn + Kyle

September 18, 2018

Who loves a classic, tailored, southern-chic wedding design? I know I do! From the traditional tuxedos to the black satin bridesmaids gowns to the clean and crisp white and green bouquets, I love everything about this simple yet beautiful look! As I was putting together this post, I found myself scrolling through the images on more than one occasion just...staring (as if I haven't seen them all already). These wedding photos and this sweet couple are just stunning! Morgan Leigh Photo is brilliant behind the camera! She captured so much beauty in these images, and we're so grateful to share them with you today. <3


 Y'all! This is the best moment captured in photos! After being told at the rehearsal 
"Whatever you do, don't drop the ring," what do you think the groom did? [Accidentally of course!] He dropped the ring!  I'm sure Kyle didn't think it was funny in that moment, but it's so wonderful that the photographer captured it and they have these photos to look back and 
laugh at with each other. {below}


Thank you so much to the new Mr. and Mrs. Outlaw for trusting Twin Oaks Farm Wedding with your special day! <3