Rain Is A Good Thing -- Said only Luke Bryan | My Least Favorite Venue Responsibility

Luke Bryan evidently wasn't managing a wedding venue when he wrote "Rain is a Good Thing."

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I repeatedly tell couples visiting our venue that implementing a rain plan does not stress me out. And that's the truth! I don't get stressed about rain. First of all, stressing over weather falls under a mantra that a trusted advisor taught me as a impressionable teen: "we can't worry about things we can't control." AMEN TO THAT! Secondly, I'm a logistics manager; I have several years experience as a wedding planner/coordinator; and I make it a point to be flexible when weather is in question. All of these traits are reasons why I approach a rain plan with ease. It also helps that we have a beautiful barn to offer as a backup when an outdoor ceremony can't take place!

With that being said, what's the deal with the rain this year?? I mean, come on mother nature -- we're trying to MARRY people over here! Don't we deserve a reward? We're doing good things! Luke Bryan, you can take your song and go sing over someone else's cotton field! Get outta here with that! :-)

All jokes aside, it does seem like Summer showers started in January this year and there's no end is sight. Here's an insider exclusive-- With a chance of rain comes my LEAST favorite job responsibility. I know, I just told you that I don't stress about rain. But, my absolute LEAST favorite thing to do is have the "rain plan decision" conversation with a bride (or mom). Ugh! It's terrible! Imagine all of these emotions within the context of this conversation:

- It's the bride's most special day of her LIFE! She may be giddy, she may have nerves already, or somewhere in between.

- I'm trying to stay positive with conversation to keep the vibe high. Yay!! It's your wedding day!

- I'm also trying to realistically assess the probability that her guests are going to be sitting in a thunderstorm in their formal attire. Now how do I convey that softly but effectively?

- The bride has had her heart set on getting married outside for anywhere from 6 months to a year ago. She's likely had dreams about it by now.

- Bride's thoughts: It's SUCH a tough decision to make! I mean, what if it doesn't rain and we could've gotten married outside? What if it DOES rain and we chose not to move it inside? Ahhh! What to do?!

- I just want the bride to be happy. Whatever. It. Takes!

- However, we have to have a decision now. I've waited as long as I can, but there's setup to be done, vendors to decorate, etc.

- Oh gosh, now there's tears welling up in the bride's eyes. Crap! Now I've made her stressed on her wedding day. Ahh! *End the conversation as quickly and lightly as possible.* Bring it back-- say something positive!! You're the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!

Do you feel like you just rode a roller coaster? ME TOO, every time I have that conversation. It never fails, I walk away feeling bad. I despise it! It's no fun. BUT, although the conversation stinks, I can honestly say that every couple facing weather this year has handled the sprinkles, showers, and downpours with total GRACE. SO much grace! I adore them, I admire them, and I'm grateful that they still talk to me after the fact -- despite whatever decision they make on their wedding day! :-)

PS - Some of the best photos are made in the rain or the haze! <3 Just check these out!

We Do Photography


We Do Photography

Caitlin Adele Photography

Caitlin Adele Photography

We Do Photography

We Do Photography

We Do Photography

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