5 Royal Wedding Inspirations to See in America

I don't usually look forward to getting up early on a Saturday for TV watching, but Saturday's Royal Wedding had me wide-eyed and bushy-tailed at six o'clock sharp (and a tiny early riser also made sure I didn't miss the spectacle!). I had my DVR set in case I enjoyed snoozing that morning, but also so that I could revisit every single detail! Two days later, I'm still pretty excited over it all!

I'm a wedding lover but also consider myself a tough wedding critic as a wedding guest. It comes with the territory of working in the wedding industry for over five years. I typically always take note of something that can be improved upon or that I didn't love. Not this time! I was swooning over the Royal Wedding -- it was fabulous! Everything was done so well and as always with British formalities, the timing was down to the second!

There were a lot of elements on Saturday that gave me "all the feels." I thought I would put together some of the things that I "hope" can be brought across the pond for wedding inspiration!

*side note - I had to embed these images in order to not infringe on any copyright issues. So just know, the images may take a few seconds to load.

1. Understated, Elegant Gowns

I really, really love simple silhouette wedding gowns. There's an old saying in pageant land (yes, that's where I came from...once upon a time!) that rings true: did the girl wear the gown or did the gown wear the girl? You should be the star on your wedding day--not your wedding gown. With that said, sometimes less is more! Let the fabric and the sihouette speak for itself.

There's no doubt that Meghan's dress will for sure be a style trend for wedding dresses the remainder of the year. But, you don't have to have a gown just like hers to create the same impact. You can get creative with necklines, fits, etc..but simple goes a long way! Also, a simple gown with little or no embellishment, affords you the opportunity to create a grand statement with a fabulous piece of jewelry, a stunner veil, fun earrings, OR for sure a tiara, if you have one as fabulous as this!

2. Day Dresses and Day Weddings

How much more unique could our American weddings become if we hosted them at Noon and wore day dresses?! Oh, it would add so much flare! I really love the whole look. I also fully support the addition of fascinators to the American wedding too!

These were some of my favorite guest looks!

3. Natural Makeup - Let's call this an "everyday glow"

I'm adding this to the inspiration list mostly because I am blown away by how stunning the Duchess of Sussex looked on her wedding day with notably little makeup on. Let's be real-- We all know she had on makeup, that's a given. But, the fact that she was able to look so natural is actually a talent in my opinion. It does help that she is strikingly beautiful! I just kept admiring how you could still see her freckles on her face through her makeup -- it was so pretty!

I'm even surprising myself that this is coming out of my mouth considering I am a former pageant girl who feels like I'm missing a limb without a full face of makeup. I certainly couldn't pull off Meghan's look. Yet, I sincerely hope to see more bride's embrace natural wedding day makeup...or at least very well-blended foundations, barely there eyeshadows, and nude, blush lips.

*Important disclaimer - Now listen, I'm not saying cut out the makeup artist in order to do your own. That is not smart. Wedding days can be high anxiety and high anticipation so don't add that pressure/stress on yourself. Also, the makeup artist has very important knowledge of makeup coverage for the best look in your photos. So heed their advice....but don't be afraid to ask them for neutrals and well-blended contouring!

4. A Gospel Choir

I have always been a lover of music, and I really value good music (live musicians, soloists, etc.) at wedding ceremonies. Let me tell you -- there is NOTHING I love more than a full choir at a wedding. I will be in the audience nodding my head and begging, "Yes! Give me ALL the goosebumps!" The Kingdom Choir was truly fabulous. Their performance of "Stand by Me" was one of my absolute favorite parts of the entire ceremony. And they looked awesome too!

So- place yourself at Twin Oaks Farm for a second. Okay, can't y'all just IMAGINE a full gospel choir coming down that beautiful grassy green pathway to our Giant Pecan Tree ceremony site, entering unexpectedly at the end of the ceremony, singing a hymn a capella?! Talk about creating a moment! Oh, sweet heavenly Spirit rest on us!! I can feel it just imagining it. It would be magical. Whoever wants to do this, let me know. I will personally find you a choir! :-)

via esquire.com

5. Wedding Color palette inspo via The Royal Choir

The Kingdom Choir made a major impression on me! If you are looking for a perfectly soothing, soft, Spring inspired color palette for your wedding, then look no further than The Kingdom Choir's wedding attire. Their complimentary hues of blush, lilac, and dusty blues with metallic accents in their wardrobe would convert to a beautiful wedding palette. (I feel an inspiration mood board coming on! Maybe I'll make that to share with you later this week!)

There you have it! I can't wait to see some of these Royal Wedding vibes infiltrate the American wedding style. I have so much adoration for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I think they are super cool, stylish, graceful, real and the kind of people I'd like to be friends with. :-) I'll leave you with this photo because it was one of my favorites of the day!

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