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You wouldn't think a 'courthouse' fits the layout at a wedding venue, but our 'courthouse' couldn't be more apropo as a portion of our historical and charming lodging accommodations for wedding couples and their wedding parties. Each building has a story and history, which is why the property is such a charming place to stay for a wedding weekend.

I have to add: I think the courthouse is an underrated photo backdrop. When I started writing this post, I realized that I didn't have tons of photos on file capturing the magic of this little structure. So, I had to go wayyyyy back in the archives for some images. Thus, **spoiler alert** -- there are some of MY wedding photos in this post! Images dating to circa 2013...almost a whopping 5 years ago!! Ha! It still seems like yesterday, but anyway...Okay, back to the headliner of this blog post --Here are some deets on our precious little white cottage, "The Courthouse!"

This 14 ft by 20 ft structure with a front porch and added bathroom was originally the Blue Springs Courthouse, one of 6 district militia courthouses in Pulaski County. Militia districts originated following the Revolutionary War and were retained in this area into the 20th Century. After all courts were consolidated in Hawkinsville, these courthouses served as voting precincts through the 2002 General Election. At that time, all voting was consolidated in Hawkinsville with the advent of touch screen voting technology. The buildings were subsequently made available via auction at which time this courthouse was purchased and found its new home on the Twin Oaks Farm property.

The original structure is intact, including the steps that were moved with the building from the intersection of Laidler Road and Woods Roads. Drywall was installed along with stained pine flooring. Wainscoting and chair rail accent the living area. We now have the courthouse suited to sleep 3, with a full bath in the back.

Isn't this such a cute photo of one of our couples?!

Here are the pictures from my wedding -- my Dad and I had our first look on the porch of the courthouse.

Fun, fun memories!! :-)

xo, Laura Lyn

Twin Oaks Farm Weddings is a wedding and event venue with on-site lodging to sleep 29 guests. If you'd like more information about hosting your wedding or special event on our property and utilizing our historical lodging accommodations, please contact or fill out our contact form on the website.

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