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We recently started a new series on the blog to share the history of the buildings that make up our lodging accommodations. You can read more about that here. Today we are showcasing the 1850's Log Cabin.


The oldest building on our property is the Pre-Civil War log cabin. Dating back to the 1850's, the log cabin sits on its original location. It is such a cool and unique piece of history that we now get to share with guests when they stay on our property! Unsurprisingly, it's been renovated since the original footprint, but we chose to maintain as much of the true layout and character as possible.

The design is a classic double pen dog trot. The pens, or rooms, are 16 x 16 ft. with a 10 ft. dog trot between the rooms or pens. A 10 ft. wide porch extends across the front. The original back porch was enclosed to accommodate 2 full bathrooms (don't get us wrong -- we love true architecture and history, but we appreciate an indoor functioning bathroom just like the rest of you!). A loft in each pen [room] is large enough to accommodate 2 single beds. Thus, the entire cabin can sleep 8 guests for events on the property.

Our Restoration Process

The complete restoration of the cabin required 3 craftsmen full time for 13 months ending in September 2004. Restoration was performed using criteria established by Charles McCraven, the nation’s foremost authority on log building and restoration. He has consulted regularly with individuals, architects, museums, and folk centers throughout the US. He has worked with the National Building Museum in Washington DC, National Park Service, and is a regular instructor at Bear Mountain Outdoor School in High Town, VA. His book, Building and Restoring the Hewn Log House, was the basis for this restoration work.

Based on nails recovered during the restoration and unique log joining techniques, this corroborated the cabin’s construction between 1835 and 1875. The old field rocks that comprised the original chimneys had been used around the property for landscaping and retaining walls over the years. The chimneys were rebuilt using 32 tons of Tennessee stacking stone. All doors and windows are constructed of reclaimed heart pine material with wood mortise and tenon construction.

Perhaps the most time consuming and most complex job was replacing the chinking between the logs. This required 13 weeks to complete. The original chinking consisted of rived boards from the outside of logs and was nailed between the logs on the inside and outside. We chose to repurpose those rived boards [chinking] to construct the wainscoting in the bathrooms. The current chinking consists of 9 layers of material between the outside and inside. Those materials include: finish coat of hard-coat stucco, scratch coat of hard-coat stucco, metal lath, 15 # felt paper, 1 inch by 1 inch wood strips, and fiber glass insulation. One interesting fact about this process-- The only way to clean the stucco from the logs was by hand using a steel brush. Searching for a supplier of hard coat stucco, we found a French company, Sider-Oxydro, who actually had a manufacturing plant right here in Hawkinsville!

The original roof was wood shake shingles. It was replaced with the tin roof probably after 1900. This tin roof contributed significantly to the survival of log structure. The front porch showcases 2 hand-made swings and lounge furniture made from cypress saplings grown in swampy land in deep South Georgia. The saplings are bent while still wet and dried after the furniture is completed. The porch tends to be a popular social spot for families and groomsmen while on the property.


The interior rooms of the Log Cabin are adorned with antique furnishings and art by a internationally recognized, Middle Georgia artist, Butler Brown.

Groom at Cabin_AmandaSumner


Twin Oaks Farm Weddings is a wedding and event venue with on-site lodging to sleep 29 guests. If you'd like more information about hosting your wedding or special event on our property and utilizing our historical lodging accommodations, please contact or fill out our contact form on the website.


Special Thanks to these talented photographers for their photos: Chasity Posey Photography, Amanda Sumner Photography, Britni Martinez Photography, and Ashah Photography


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